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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Walking the reader through the Biblical storyline of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation, this tract focuses on the central truths of who God is, who we are, the purpose of our existence, and the glorious “Gospel of God… concerning His Son.” (Rom 1:1, 3)

Section headings allow the reader to easily read the tract at any pace, and may also be useful to the evangelist as they present the truths of God’s Word in a systematic manner.

Printed in full color, front and back, on silk matte cover stock and tri-folded to 3.67″w x 6″h, the tract is designed to endure and be returned to frequently for consideration.

Format: Trifold Brochure Folded Size: 3.67″w x 6″h Flat/Open Size: 10.875w x 6″h
Paper Stock: 10pt cover Paper Density: ~250 gsm Color: Full 4/4
Paper Finish: Silk matte Printing: Press Finishing: Scored & Folded

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